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La BAIETA D’OR, S.L. LaBaietaDor.com specialized cleaning company with 18 years of experience, with a team of professionals at the service of companies (offices, premises, businesses) and individuals (flats, houses, towers, communities, stairs) hundreds of services and maintenances guarantee us.

General Cleaning and Set-up of: Offices, Offices, Commercial Premises, Ind. Ships, Sports Centers, Bank Entities, Hotels, etc …
Hundreds of Works and services made us Avalan, and allow us to offer our customers the seriousness and confidence in order to attend their concerns and needs in any activity or service we develop.


Professional cleaning of companies, offices and offices
Household cleaning: home, flats, houses, apartments
Cleaning shops, stores and shops
Cleaning neighbors and owners communities
End cleaning
Cleaning academies, schools, universities
Cleaning Clinics
Cleaning of car parks

Polishing and cleaning of floors

Polished Marble, Stone, Granite, Terrazzo, Mosaic, Concrete.
Granite polished, Slate, Terrazzo, Mosaic, PVC, Concrete and cement, Non-calcareous flooring, Parquet.
Crystallized Marble, Stone, Terrazzo, Mosaic.
Vitrified of Marble, Stone, Terrazzo.